• As December 2018, Catotechnology continues under name of CATCO one of the APC Automotive Technologies brands.
  • Catcotechnology will continue under name of CATCO. After successful acquisition of Catcotechnology all of its business will continue under name of CATCO as one of APC Automotive Technologies subsidiaries.

Why CATCO is a trusted brand

CATCO technology has catalysts that can work for your specific applications. Trained professionals will be able to work with you to determine which catalyst will meet your specific needs.

  1. Always with the customer

    The company has customers in every step of the way will be the first stage of the sale to installation and product loading.

  2. Specialized

    Company’s experts suggests the best product and the best solution for your industrial unit.

  3. Free consultation

    CATCO’s specialists are always happy to advice you.

  4. After sales service

    We will give guarantee for our licensed technologies and our catalysts.

  5. Best quality

    Our wide range of costumers in North America, Canada, Europe and Asia are great testimonial in this matter.