1. SCR Honeycomb Catalysts

    Industrial honeycomb SCR catalyst


    CATCO has been manufacturing homogeneous extruded honeycomb catalyst since 1985. These products mainly consist of titanium oxide, tungsten oxide and vanadium pentoxide. The necessary mechanical strength is achieved by adding glass fibers.

    The catalysts are used as the key part of  the selective catalytic reduction (SCR) process. This technology is employed in thermal power stations, waste incinerators, stationary diesel motors, industrial plants and heavy duty trucks. With the addition of ammonia upstream the catalyst breaks down the NOx in the flue gas  into nitrogen and water vapor – both natural components of the atmosphere. Our catalysts play an important part in combating ground level ozone and acid rain.


  2. SCR Plate Catalysts

    Selective Catalytic Reduction

    CATCO manufactures plate catalysts for power industrial applications. The catalyst material, predominately consisting of titania, tungsten, and vanadia, is still applied to a stainless steel substrate and calcined to activate the catalytic properties.  Plate catalysts are particularly well suited to power and industrial plants fired with very high ash fuels (>25%), or large pitch applications where honeycomb catalysts are uneconomic. 


    Aluminum Casting-Foundry Ceramic Foam Filter - Adtech

    Foundries use casting filters to produce high-quality light alloy, grey cast iron and ductile iron castings. Ceramic casting filters control, laminarise and filter the flow of molten metal. Their use results in improved product properties, lower reject rates, higher pouring rates and savings in material, power and rework costs.

    The Ceram HX product range meets most application requirements. Thanks to our long experience and versatility as a manufacturer of extruded honeycomb filters, we can also offer special designs and custom products.

  4. Activated carbon

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    With its large surface area, purity and relative hardness, activated carbon is an ideal carrier for catalytic metals or indeed as a catalyst in its own.

    MCAC-10 activated carbon catalyst 

    Desulphurisation of natural gas and light hydrocarbon feedstocks is also possible under ambient conditions using activated carbon. MCAC-10 is coconut-shell-based and promoted with copper oxide. It should be noted that propane and C4+ hydrocarbons are absorbed by the activated carbon, thereby minimising the sulphur pickup capability of MCAC-10.


    Adsorption of SO2 by MCAC-20 as a CATCO ‘s catalyst that is developed to be used inn our technology ACIDOURA. In the main reactor SO2 and the subsequent reaction with oxygen and water form sulphuric acid. Depends upon the concentration of the SO2 in the flue gas, some percentage of the metal oxide will be used to enhance the reaction.


  5. Sulfuric acid catalyst( Vanadium pentoxide)

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    CATCO ‘s competencies within sulfuric acid production and treatment of sulfurous gasses is based on long-term experience – an experience which is continuously enhanced by research and development of new catalysts and technologies.

    The catalytic SO2 converter is the heart of the sulfuric acid plant and the quality and
    charestrictis of the selected catalysts are crucial to a reliable and energy- efficient
    All Vanadium catalyst has a yellowish and similar appearance but what makes CATCO
    catalyst as a distinctive brands have high and stable activity, robustness, low
    pressure drop and long service life is the chemical composition, the physical
    Our key to success in improvement of the CATCO catalyst is achieved through close
    cooperation between CATCO Catalyst Group, R&D and the production facilities.
    CATCO’s CT Series includes three different formulations in a variety of sizes and
    shapes, considering all operating conditions in any sulfuric acid plant.
    Exceptional activity with low pressure drop alongside of high mechanical strength
    enables the CATCO catalysts to ensure a cost-effective plant operation by providing:
    • High SO2 conversion efficiency
    • Improved energy efficiency
    • Enhanced operating flexibility
    • Low screening losses
    • Long service life


    CT6 Low Vanadium series

    • High Activity, less loading Quantity
    • CT6 Series provide catalytic performance that can be matched with 1st class producer of catalyst.
    • Upper passes catalyst
    • Tough condition in 1st and 2nd pass needs a well-formulated catalyst which can withstand dust
    • carry over and low pressure drop. Distinctive micro-structure reduce screening loss notably.
    • CT6 provides a continuous operation for a wide range of temperature between 420-620 and can withstand temperature spikes up to 650C. 
    • CT6 is designed to initiate the reaction at a temperature as low as 360 C, ensuring a smooth plant start-up.

    CT7 High Vanadium series

    • CT7 Series provide catalytic performance that is engineered for the lower passes.
    • High activity can still be achieved under the condition of lower SO2 level and higher SO2 content in the gas
    • CT7 is widely applied in passes 2,3,4 and 5 of the convertor.
    • It provides better catalytic performance even after the first absorption when SO2 level is low and O2 level is still very high.
    • CT6 provides a continuous operation for a wide range of temperature between 420-620 and can withstand temperature spikes up to 650C. 
    • CT6 is designed to initiate the reaction at a temperature as low as 360 C, ensuring a smooth plant start-up.

    CT8  Cesium series

    • CT8 Series provide catalytic performance that is engineered for the last passes especially double absorption configuration.
    • CT8 with smaller size( 9 mm) provide a higher activity for the last bed.
    • Thanks to Cesium promotion, the lower limit of the operating temperature can go down to 380C.
    • Through spectacular engineering of CT8, emission lower than 200 ppm is easily achievable.
  6. Sulfur Guard( Zinc Oxide catalyst)


    China New Technology Active Zinc Oxide Desulfurization Catalyst ...

    Removal of ‘Sulphur’ compounds from hydrocarbon feedstock is one of the most essential criteria for further processing of these hydrocarbons. CATCO offers the ZP-series catalysts for these ‘Sulphur’ removal applications.

    These are Zinc Oxide and/or Mixed Metal Oxides based catalysts.
    Product range: