• A full range of services that make a difference
  • Optimal performance is built on
    great service and personal relationships that grow stronger with each project successfully completed. No matter where you are in the world, when you forge a relationship with us, you’ll meet expert scientists and engineers with a genuine passion for your business success.


  • Whether you’re building a new product, unit or plant, or just want to optimize an existing one, we offer the full range of engineering, technical, business and training services you need. All our services are backed by deep scientific and engineering insight and decades of hands-on technical experience. The earlier we get involved in your project or specific challenge, the greater  impact on performance we can have. 
  1. Business services

    We can help you evaluate the feasibility of your project and, where appropriate, even co-invest to make sure you realize all the potential benefits. If it makes financial and practical sense, we even undertake the management of your plant’s operation and maintenance, in addition to providing advice and capital.

  2. Building new plants & developing new products

    Project feasibility & evaluation

    Project investment & financing

    Procurement services

  3. Optimizing existing units, plants & products

    Catalyst management

    Plant and unit operation & maintenance

  4. Engineering services

    We provide the engineering services you need to get a new unit, product or plant off the ground, or to revamp or upgrade your existing plant. We design, engineer and license a broad range of units, plants and processes across an even broader range of industries and applications. From evaluation and design to detailed engineering and on-the-ground construction support, we make sure that breakthroughs that work in the lab also work on an industrial scale at your plant.

  5. Building new units, plants & developing new products

    Plant feasibility & design

    Plant & process engineering

    Process licensing

    Plant & process construction support

    Product design & development

    Product prototyping & testing

  6. Optimizing existing units, plants & products

    Performance evaluation

    Plant & process upgrading

  7. Technical services

    Although we are widely recognized for the quality and technical superiority of the processes, equipment and catalysts we provide, it’s our expertise in making sure they perform optimally at your plant that sets us apart. By combining our expertise in science and engineering, we can solve even the toughest technical problems and deliver results you won’t get from anyone else. Of particular importance to optimal performance is an optimized synergy between technology and catalyst, and we are the global authority in matching catalysts to technologies for specific applications.

    Catalyst loading

    Catalyst refreshment & rejuvenation

    Catalyst regeneration

    Catalyst selection & testing

    Equipment installation support

    Feed analysis & testing

    General technical service

    Internal visual inspection

    Mechanical & instrument services

    Plant assessment/optimization

    Plant test-run

    Sampling & analysis

    Start-up & reduction/activation